The Boer goat is a specialist meat goat that originates in South Africa, where its ability to produce excellent carcase conformation coupled with a fast growth rate has been improved over many years.UK Boers were imported from Europe in the late 1980`s, although 2000 has seen new importations from Canada and New Zealand to strengthen the genetic pool (EEC regulations do not allow direct imports from South Africa).

Boers are docile by nature, despite their size and graze well. Adult bucks can reach 150 Kg., and does 100 Kg. Boer bucks can be used as terminal sires to improve meat carcases from dairy does.

Low percentage Boer females make excellent dual purpose meat/milk animals. (While higher percentage does will rear their kids successfully, the volume of milk is lower and lactation shorter than dairy breeds.) As numbers grow, herds of Boers kept solely for meat production are beginning to appear and the future looks bright for this breed of gentle giants. For more information on Boer goats contact
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