Rotary milking parlour, data collected electronically for each milking. Suitable for larger herds. Smaller linear milking parlour – suitable for smaller herds Nick Brandon’s 88 point rotary milking parlour. One of the largest in Europe.

The milking parlour is a key facility that contributes to the success of a dairy goat enterprise.
There are many types of parlour in use in the UK but the most popular tends to be the rotary type due to the large and constant throughputs that are possible. Milking is a labour intensive process and automation such as automatic cluster removal, feed metering linked to automatic identification, milk metering and teat spraying systems all help the stockman to focus on the animals.
Milk metering enables accurate assessments of yield and can provide useful data to indicate potential health problems such as mastitis and can be used to target feeding to higher yielding goats.