Mechanisation in laying out fresh straw prior to cleaning central passage way. Goats being herded in from grazing, constrained by electric fencing. Using a rotary sweeper mid day to push back feed within reach of the goats.

Regular management tasks to maintain a healthy and productive herd of goats includes bedding, feeding, foot trimming, vaccination and milking. Large groups of goats can be bedded using mechanical distribution machinery.
Clean bedding is essential for clean milk production to ensure that goats arrive at the parlour with a clean udder and teats to reduce the amount of preparation for milking that is required.
Out of parlour feeding with a complete diet is a convenient way of providing adequate nutrition to goats. It is common for feed to be placed in feeding passages once per day, but in such a way that the goats cannot access all of the feed at once.
Portions of the feed can then be pushed nearer the goats several times a day to maintain regular intake and good rumen function.
Regular foot care is necessary to maintain healthy movement and therefore production. Goats with overgrown feet will spend more time laying down rather than feeding and cudding to produce milk.
Regular vaccination against common clostridial diseases is advised to reduce losses through illness.