Meat Goats

Pure Boer breeding group, male in the background. Kids are born Dec/Jan usually. Males are in demand in larger commercial enterprises.
Boer males have been used as a terminal sire on dairy dams. The kids grow rapidly, making lean excellent carcases. These kids are only about 2-3 months old. Pure Boer kids being dam reared, which is usual. The goats turn to grass when dam goes dry which is usually midsummer.

As with the beef industry in the UK there are two common types of production systems for meat goats.
Some dairy goat enterprises mate their poorer producing females to a meat breed, such as the Boer, to provide a dairy cross animal to be reared for meat artificially, using milk replacer, much the same as dairy cross calves.
The other production system gaining momentum in the UK at present is to produce kids from meat breeds and suckle and rear these in a similar way to lamb or suckler beef herds..
Goat meat is a tasty alternative to lamb, pork and beef and is growing in popularity and availability.