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keeping goats

Keeping goats

The British Goat Society booklet "Goat keeping" provides further information of value to all goat keepers.




Grassroots Systems Ltd have been developing software for pedigree livestock farmers and Breed Societies.




This "Contacts" page will be updated as frequently as other work allows, providing the BGS Secretary is given details.



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  • Office Closure

    Please be advised that the office will be closed on Monday 19th December and will be back open on Tuesday 20th December. The office will then be closed from 28th December through until Friday 30th December and re-opening as normal on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.Read More »
  • 2017 Calendar

    Only 11 copies of the 2017 British Goat Society Calendar remain in stock.  Purchasing a copy can be done either via the website, the office or by contacting Vicki Hardy. The cost of £6 per calendar includes postage and packing and we are still able to get these despatched in time for Christmas.Read More »
  • Website Navigation

    Over the next number of days the website will see some structural as well as cosmetic changes to improve navigation and offer users a better experience, There is already a new menu item called ‘Shows‘ at the top of the home page and this will provide easy access to all relevant pages on showing, such as […]Read More »


Anglo Nubian Goats For Sale
Major reduction of the Morlais Anglo Nubian herd due to health issues. This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone wanting to start their own herd. Three generations of female breeding available.
Morlais Olaf (Poplartime Gandalf x Klimova Aliona) AN34839D 3 years multi coloured Morlais Sospan ( Klimova Kriel x Tyegronen Iindia) AN035765D tan , black eel stripe 21/02/2016 Morlais Satan ( Klimova Kriel x Tyegronen IIndia ) AN035764D black , tan splash 21/02/2016 Morlais Sultan (Klimova Kriel x Morlais Olga) AN35762D  fawn,grey black spots 21/02/2016 Morlais Shamsa (Klimova Kriel x Morlais Olga) AN35761D golden shades and spots 21/02/2016
Klimova Aliona ( Ivan's Dodger x Klimovia Ashwaria) AN033840D black with white splash snowflake ears 5 years Morlais Olga ( Poplartime Gandalf x Klimova x Aliona) AN03840D fawn , gold white splashes 3 years Morlais Sita ( Klimova Kriel x Klimova Aliona) AN35766D black snowflake ears 28/01/2016 Morlais Sari ( Klimova Kriel x Morlais Olga) AN 35763D grey,white, black splashes 21/02/2016 Morlais Pari (Morlais Olaf x Tyegronen IIndia) AN35088D fawn, black antelope marks 2 years Morlais Shelley( Klimova Kriel x Morlais Pari) AN035759D fawn 12/03/2016 Morlais Sara ( Klimova Kriel x Morlais Pari) AN035758D fawn 12/03/2016 Morlais Rebecca (Morlais Olaf x Tyegronen IIndia) AN035404D Black, 22/02/2015 Morlais Sali ( Klimova Kriel x Morlais Rebecca) AN35760D fawn 9/04/2016
The herd is c.a.e registered. The goats are used to grazing freely during the day in good weather and coming in at night or if it's wet. Tel 01554 810064 after 6 pm or email