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keeping goats

Keeping goats

The British Goat Society booklet "Goat keeping" provides further information of value to all goat keepers.




Grassroots Systems Ltd have been developing software for pedigree livestock farmers and Breed Societies.




This "Contacts" page will be updated as frequently as other work allows, providing the BGS Secretary is given details.



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The Mineshop Herd Has for sale the following 2 well-bred male kids †Mineshop Birinda AN035364D and † Mineshop Biren AN035365D Sire: † Mineshop Chabela AN035081D (Needs qualifying daughters for BrCh and CH) Dam RM137 Mineshop Bellynda AN033988D Q*2 BrCh Chabela was Best Male at the AN Breed show and together with his dam CH R124 Imported Chaviva Q* BrCh who was Best in Show they were Best Pair all breeds Bellynda’s first lactation averaged 5.19% Butterfat and 4.05% Protein. In 3 years of milking competitions she has never had less than 23.21 points and her highest points were 30.90. £300.00 each For any further information please contact either: Chris on 0787 654 3552 or Teigh on 0795 764 0336