Golden Guernsey

9-14GGVicarshillHeatherbellBMWilman’s Vicarshill Heatherbell. Winner of the first kidders class and best in show. 10-14GGVicarshillHeatherbell-GoldspinTwizel First and second in the first kidders class. Vicarshill Heatherbell followed by Poulton’s Goldspin Twizzle
11-14GG-BGLineofMilkersLine up of Golden Guernsey milkers. 12-14GGAlewater-DaphneBGGgoatlingSieker’s Alewayer Daphne. Best GG goatling
13-14GGWilowriver-Quicksand-GG-MilkerNorman’s Wilowriver Quicksand. GG second kidder. First prize 14-14GGVicarshillVincentBBFrancis’ Vicarshill Vincent Best buckling
15-14GGRhosyn-ThunderboltBMRose’s Rhosyn Thunderbolt. Best adult male and reserve best in show. 16-14GGRhosyn-Emi-Best-BG-GoatlingRose’s Rhosyn Emi. Best BG goatling
17-14GGSire-progenyFancis’s Vicarshill Vincent. Sire and progeny winner. 18-14GGWiloriverTomicekBMKNorman’s Wilowriver Tomicek. Best GG male kid.