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Old Herd Book & Year Books
Rodney Collinge
West Yorkshire
Offers are invited for the following from an ex-goatkeeper now downsizing. Delivery charges will be on top of your bid. I will organise delivery or the books can be collected from the owner in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Email offers to Lot 1 Herd Book numbers 46, 61-122 excluding 67, 77, 83, 88-90 all of which are missing. Lot 2 A selection of Herd Books, some of which may have 1 or 2 pages which have been photocopied to make them complete. Numbers 99, 64-87 excluding 68, 75-79, 83. Lot 3 Year Books 1948-1995 excluding 49, 51-53, 56, 58-62, 65, 71 Lot 4 Book of the Goat by Holmes Pegler (from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Library)