Light and airy barn, with raised central feeding passage

Goatlings enjoying open access to hay in an open barn.

Open fronted kid rearing barn with exterior feeding troughs

There are many systems for housing goats being used in the UK at present, some purpose built and some converted from existing farm buildings.
The most common and functional system for milking goats is the type with long pens with raised, central feeding passages. This enables the food to be kept clean as the feed barrier prevents the goats fouling the feed.
Daylight and fresh air and access for machinery used for feeding, bedding and mucking out are other essentials.
Goats housed in large groups tend to be deep littered, i.e. bedded down with fresh straw 3 or 4 times a week with the whole pen cleaned out very few months. Deep litter can be effective in the cold winter months for keeping the goats a bit warmer.