This is the term used to describe goats that are registered with the British Goat Society, but are not eligible for a breed section. It is possible to “grade up” to some of the Breed sections when the pedigree is sufficiently “pure”. Grading up is not possible with Golden Guernsey, Saanen or Toggenburg. It is sometimes the case that crosses between pure breeds are made with a specific long term objective, or alternatively previously unregistered females can be registered as a starting point. Goats in this section can be any colour and often have a great deal of hybrid vigour. British goats are judged entirely on their conformation and milking qualities. Many of the UK’s highest yielding goats and also show Champions are in this section.

It has proved to be a most important section of the Herd Book in improving the National herd.

An average 24 hours yield of 4.66 Kg. at 3.64% butterfat and 2.721% protein was obtained by considering data from all British goats entered in B.G.S. recognised milking trials in a recent year (906 performances).