How can I limit the efects of worms on my goats

Worm infection can be limited by grazing management, together with minimal anthelmintic treatment.
Maintain safe grazing, particularly for kids. Safe grazing is pasture that was not grazed by goats or sheep in the second half of the previous year or pasture ungrazed until mid-July when over wintered larvae have died off.
Delay grazing animals until over wintered larvae on the pasture have died off mid-July.
If safe grazing is available in the spring, worm in the spring at kidding time, worm again in June and move onto safe pasture.
If no safe pasture is available, worm in the spring at kidding time, then worm every 3 weeks from spring to autumn.

How often should I worm my goats

You should use the minimum number of treatments to control the worms on your holding. Overuse of anthelmintics is expensive and also selects for resistant worms. Wherever possible a combination of safe grazing and strategic anthelmintic dosing should be used. Your veterinary surgeon can advise you on correct use of anthelmintics.

How often should I change the wormer I am using

Wormers [anthelmintics] should be changed annually. Prolonged use of one wormer increases the production of resistant worms to that particular wormer. Too frequent changing of wormers can result in multiple resistance developing.

Family Examples
Benzamidazoles and probenzamidazoles
[“white” wormers]
Panacur, Valbazan
Levamisole and related drugs
[“yellow” wormers]
Avermectins Oramec

Although there are many different anthelmintics available, there are only three different families of anthelmintic available:
When changing anthelmintics it is important to change from one family of wormers to another.
It is not sufficient to change between members of the same family. It is also important to correctly estimate the weight of the goat. Goats can be weighed while at shows in cattle markets or weigh bands can be used. Consult you vet over the correct dosing rates for goats which are higher than those for sheep and cattle.

How soon after worming the goats can I use the milk

Because most anthelmintics are not specifically licensed for use in milking goats in the UK, there is a minimum milk withholding time, before the milk can be used for human consumption, of 7 days for all the wormers currently on sale. Oramec is licensed for use in goats but has a minimum withholding time of 14 days.
Strategic worming of goats in late pregnancy, shortly after kidding or just before shows will help to reduce the loss of revenue from discarding of milk.