Keeper information

Online movements:
Keepers who wish to create movements electronically will be able to register an account on the website listed below from April 2014. This will allow them to set up a movement (e.g. farm-farm, farm-market, farm-abattoir etc.) online. A pre-populated movement document will then be printed, to accompany the animals during transport. In the case of a farm-to-farm move, if the receiving keeper is also registered on the ARAMS system, they will be able to confirm receipt of the movement through their online account.

Online Flock / Herd register:
The system will provide a voluntary online flock / herd register for keepers who use the e-reporting service. This will be free of charge. Creating an ‘off’ movement or confirming receipt of an ‘on’ movement will automatically update that ARAMS online flock / herd register. For those farmers who already have a Farm Management Package (FMP), they can either continue to use their FMP for creating movement documents or they will have the option of linking their FMP to SouthWestern’s ARAMS system and thereby ensuring that the movements are created electronically. Similarly if they confirm receipt of a movement on their FMP, this will also update the ARAMS electronic database, once the FMP is linked to the ARAMS system.

Paper movements:
For farmers who wish to continue reporting sheep/goat/deer movements on paper, SouthWestern will provide a centralised recording service (bureau) based in Milton Keynes. This bureau will take over the paper recording service from every Local Authority in England on the 1st April 2014. Therefore rather than posting the current AML1 form to their Local Authority, keepers will instead post the new movement document to the SouthWestern bureau. New movement documents are currently being designed. These will replace the current AML1 (Sheep & Goats) and AML24 (Deer) forms. These will be very similar to the current forms. From the 1st April 2014, farmers wishing to complete movements on paper will be required to use these new documents. They will continue to be distributed through markets and will also be available (from April 2014) by contacting the SouthWestern office. Farmers will also have the option of populating a PDF version on-line, via this website, and printing it out locally or indeed printing out the PDF version unpopulated and populating it by hand.

Cross-Border movements:
It is important to note that this new service is for keepers (premises) based in England only. A system (ScotEID) is already in place within Scotland. The Welsh Government is also planning a similar system to operate there.