Display stand of Chestnut Goats, specialist meat producers, at the Farmers Market at Cheshire County Show with a wide range of meat products to buy or to taste.
Nut Knowle Farm’s display of award winning gourmet goats’ cheeses. Photograph taken at Port Solent, one of the many markets attended. Husband and wife team selling their National Award winning ‘Caprillate’ Ice Cream at Suffolk County Show (made from home produced goats milk).

A wide range of produce from goats is now more freely available in the UK through supermarkets, restaurants, farm shops and farmers markets.
These include liquid milk, cheese, cream, butter, ice cream, fudge, meat, soap and cosmetics. Much of this produce comes from local businesses who take great pride and care in the management and health of their stock to produce a range of products that meet the demands of the market.
Many producers add value to their produce through on farm processing. This requires suitable facilities that meet the requirements of current food production legislation.