Golden Guernsey

The Golden Guernsey is a golden colour with medium gold being the most common, but the golden colour can vary from a pale blonde to a deep bronze. The length of a coat can vary considerably, but generally there is some fringing. The Golden Guernsey was first imported to England in 1965 and a closed Herd Book is used for registration, but the British Guernsey is a breed being created from other breeds by the continual use of Golden Guernsey males on successive generations of female progeny. Swiss markings are forbidden in both breeds, but small white markings are allowed.

Golden Guernsey goats are smaller than the British dairy breeds, fine boned, and are generally quiet and docile. In many respects they are ideal “household” goats. They have a good yield when this is related to their size, and quite sufficient for most households. The milk is relatively high in fat and protein to make it suitable for yoghurt and cheese.

Visit the Golden Guernsey Goat Society website, the umbrella society for all Guernsey goats, for further details about British Guernsey goats: