Coccidiosis – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment Webinar

“Coccidiosis – Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment”  Webinar

Wednesday 19th May @7.30pm

Lissie Gercke from The Livestock Clinic will be talking about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of coccidiosis.

This is a free-to-attend webinar for all members of the British Goat Society.  Those members wishing to attend should email the office to request an invite.   Past attendance of any of our webinars does not mean you will automatically receive a link so please be sure to email the office and request a link to attend.

Lissie has also kindly agreed to allow us to offer invitations to the webinar to a wider audience and we will therefore be inviting non-members to attend at a cost of £10.  If there are any goat-keepers that would like to attend, then please email the office on  Payment will be requested via paypal and once payment is received a link with the invite will be sent via email.

If anyone has any queries or questions, then please do not hesitate to contact the office.