Semen Export to Brazil

On 17th October semen from 3 males, two British Toggenburg and one British Saanen, arrived in Brazil after it and the males involved had undergone rigorous checks and tests to fulfil the UK export and Brazilian import requirements for health, quality and genetic potential. The males involved derived from the Ashdene and Charnocks herds and the semen collection and its export were arranged by Farmgene Ltd of Montford Bridge near Shrewsbury who have long term expertise in this field. The British Goat Society was called on to produce Zootechnical certification for the males involved to verify their pedigree status, the first time this procedure has been used after obtaining DEFRA authorisation to do so. The valuable genetic material provided by the semen was much needed to extend and improve the gene pool of Brazilian goats and was chosen from high health status herds with long records of both show and milking awards.